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When I smelled the candle, I knew it was something special.”

- Vermillion, SD retailer


“They smell very pleasant.  It’s not overpowering.  It’s really nice… I think they’ll be very popular.”

 - Anchor’s comments on KELO TV, Sioux Falls, SD


“Those who already have the candle are so excited to have this in their possession… His EssenceTM has touched many people whether religious or not.”

 - Waseca, MN retailer


“I think it’s a wonderful idea and can’t wait to smell them and share them with others.”

- Email from Sioux Falls, SD

They're WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!  The fragrance is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ...I had to have close friends and family enjoy the fragrance as well.  Everybody wants one!!!  ...Thank you so much for allowing me to purchase your product.  I look forward to continuing to do business with you.  You have a wonderful product and I'm proud to represent you.

- Vidor, TX retailer 


"The aroma is wonderful.  What a great idea and thanks for sharing it with us."

 - E-mail from Boise, ID

"...those that have purchased have com back and gotten more for friends and family.  I have only had good comments on their fragrance and long lasting effects."

 - Brandon, SD retailer


 "...this is a very special present to have and use while praying and reading my bible."

 - E-mail from Sioux Falls, SD


 "I just bought 6 candles for Easter gifts and am anxious for more!!  It is a scent that is almost compulsive!!  Can't get enough!!"

 - E-mail from Winner, SD


"I am so thankful you brought this scripture to life for me.  I tell everyone about this candle and several of us from our church and bible study groups have them and we plan to continue getting them.  I especially love the fragrance when I am studying my bible or preparing for one of my bible study groups, it is hard to explain the peace that comes inside while this is being done."

 - E-mail from Huron, SD


 "As I come and go throughout my day this fragrance is a reminder to me that God is always with me.  It helps me to stay focused and reassures me of His constant presence in the busyness of life."

 - E-mail from Sioux Falls, SD


 "I have bought and burned just about one full jar of your candle now with 3 more in my closet waiting to be used by me or given as a gift.  I love the scent and when I'm not burning it I leave the lid off and still get a nice smell without it burning."

 - E-mail from Pipestone, MN


 "I love it!  The smell is amazing.  It brought tears to my eyes!"

 - E-mail from Ellsworth AFB, SD


 "I feel it will help bring me closer to Jesus at a time I so desperately need it.  Thank you for what you do."

 - E-mail from Massachusettes


 "I bought one of you candles and it is amazing.  I love it!  I'm going to give your candles as Christmas gifts to my family and friends this year.  What a blessing they are."

 - E-mail from Sioux City, IA


 "The scent is captivating!!! ... It is truly a relaxing and peaceful aroma that evokes all that is good and true!!!"

 - E-mail